Thursday, February 10, 2011

Matching Cards

I'm especially proud of my creative mommy skills today. I've been feeling a bit sad about finding ways to engage Ethan's mind. Being pregnant, feeling tired or nauseous and now having a bad cold, the poor child gets more TV than I ever imagined I would allow.

So I decided that I could make him a matching game. He loves holding little cards and he loves naming animals. What could be easier. I browsed the internet for images of animals he was already familiar with and saved them, sizing them to fit 4 on a page in Word. I printed them on some thicker card stock paper, cut them all out and then cut each animal in half.

Voila - we have a matching game. I didn't want to overwhelm him with choices so I would put out the parts to 4 or 5 animals at a time and encourage him to match them. He did great.  It was such a simple game to create but I forsee hours of fun for us. And as he gets older, I can add more & more animals out at one time to challenge him. 

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